Joan Capdevila Nogués: filmmaker




16mm - black and white


10’  (118 mts)


no sound

Inauguration of the Hostal del Senglar

Images about the opening events of the Hostal del Senglar, in Espluga de Francolí, with the main role of the Orfeó Català. The coaches on Ortigosa Street, Via Laietana in the background, load the material. Road between Valls and Montblanc, cars following and coaches of the Orfeó Català. Landscape of the Conca de Barberà. The house of the Espluga and the main facade. They stroll around the village of Poblet. Great meal at Hostal del Senglar. Presidential table. Concert of the Orfeó Català directed by Lluís Millet. At sunset, snack with traditional cake and porrón in the pool. Abbot Edmon Garreta greets everyone. The return of coaches.



Millet i Pagés, Lluís / Carulla Canals, Lluís / Vilardaga, Josep / Garreta, Edmon / Saperas i Auvi, Miquel / Renom i Garcia, Gaietà / Roch, Josep